Things I have learned on my journey and am still learning….

If I learn anything at all every day, it’s that the world, humans, Spirit, Life, Death, God and the Universe is much more complicated than can even be imagined. My mind is constantly being blown, challenged and bended. The beginning of wisdom is the ability to entertain any idea or philosophical theory without automatically accepting or denying anything. I have also learned that blind acceptance and blind doubt are two sides of the same coin.

We have attachments to our beliefs. I have learned over the course of my life that the difference between beLIEf and KNOWing is personal experience and an emotionally detached objective perspective of it. (The operative word is “objective”).

We can never know by thinking; we rather know by feeling and the courage to feel and bend to foreign ideas. Unlike what we have been programmed to believe, the mind (the left brain) is the real liar. The mind is the biggest distraction from Truth. Once we have learned how to feel (use right hemisphere of the brain) or intuit through life, we can become closer to Universal Truths. What blocks truth are a lack of self-awareness, unhealed/repressed issues from the past that haunt us unconsciously, inflexibility, unconscious fear, the mind/ego, social conditioning, the unconscious and desperate need to be right, and a closed heart we aren’t aware we have.

It is not truth nor is it peaceful to use our occupation to assume expertise over anyone else as everyone calls themselves experts but you will see even they disagree with one another as do their own patients/clientele. Once again, personal experience determines evidence in the end. Scientism is for those who have lost touch with their inborn inner knowing and need other people to tell them how to think, feel and behave. If I had relied on doctors to save me, I may not be in this form right now. I am only alive and well as I am because I healed myself with natural medicine. And I am no anomaly.

We are a culture that talks too much and listens very little to others. We are a society that feels the need to control how everyone else thinks because we might feel so powerless and/or helpless otherwise. We cannot hear others over our loud opinions and voices. We are always right and everyone else must be wrong because of this, that or some other thing. And so long as we continue this violent mentality, we remain ignorant, war-bound, unteachable and imprisoned.

In my journal the other day I wrote: “I am free when I allow others to be free.” I am also free when I respect that others are not stupid or less than me. I am free when I realize others are my Equal. Some are just not ready to handle certain truths and feel the need to use cognitive dissonance as a means of protection. But we are all intelligent and we are all divinely guided.

Trust that.

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