How Else Would We Remember Who We Were?

I think physical and emotional pain is why we are here as pain is a catalyst to our soul’s growth which should lead to our eventual remembering of who we really are. We are to resist anesthetizing it and feel it if we are to move out of victimhood into true empowerment. So, yes, while we can numb or desensitize pain, when we do that, we are also stopping growth. This is why we are brilliantly given emotions. We are to allow them, embrace them, express them in a safe place and then grow from them. What we feel is what we heal. And this is why we need tragedy. Without it, we don’t emote.Without emoting, we learn very little.
It’s very important to be cognizant to not use spirituality to bypass emotional healing. For example, I had two major tragedies when I was born. The knowledge of soul contracts and that nothing is personal is great to have in the back of my mind, but at the same rate, I still need to heal from those traumas.  Do you see the paradox presented before us? The emotional detachment in knowing that all experience is beneficial and the emotional attachment needed to heal and grow. It’s mind-bending and challenging for some to entertain both ideas at the same times, but both are correct and if I know anything about Life at all, it is indeed a paradox.
The mind and body are ONE. There is no separation between the two. Cancer and physical maladies is most often a result of bottling up and desensitizing emotions particularily rage. Eastern religion and even Christianity or all religion and even our own culture teaches us all the feeling pain is bad or negative or a sign of weakness. It’s rather the opposite. It takes courage to heal.
The deliberate anesthetization of pain (usually a part of cultural/religious doctrine in both the east and the west) isn’t as impressive  as we all do similar things to escape pain. That is what all humans do; it’s just that we all run from our pain in different ways i.e. physical illness, dissociation and addictions. Meditation is a wonderful way to bring pain to the surface, but most often is used to numb pain. And if we weren’t here to have a human experience, than it would be righteous to block pain. However, we are here in the human physical form — a very special experience where we are to experience being human which means to feel. And it takes courage to do that. And it’s the only way to advance the soul out of spiritual infancy.
It’s a process that can take months, years or lifetimes. We all need to focus on our own path and let others have their own path. Also how we deal with pain and trauma is very personal and also part of our soul contracts. Some come to balance karma and some come to release it. Then it depends on what traumas we’re dealing with and what lifetimes we are dealing with as well. It’s all very very complicated but life becomes so much easier when we only worry about our own path. And equally humbling when we realize that we too have taken lifetimes to heal sometimes just one trauma.
We tend to get triggered by other’s slow healing progress but that is only because they are mirroring back to us of our own slow progress or what we deem to be “slow”. What we see in others, quite often, is a reflection of where we are.
We know we are healed when judgment is replaced with love.

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