How to Survive Being an Empath

If we are sensitive to negative people or their emotions and energies, it is only because they are dutifully and lovingly doing us a favor and nudging us to heal ourselves via soul contracts by reflecting back the repressed unconscious negative energy within us. Healing our own repressed wounds of the past and releasing all those toxic disease-causing bottled up emotions will free the most sensitive empaths from absorbing the energy of others in a damaging way. So, in other words, often we are mirroring each other’s shadow due to the fact that we are all connected and here to help one another. If we feel badly around certain people, we are essentially learning about ourselves from the unconscious-end.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” — Carl Jung

As clairempaths, we will feel other’s emotions from our own vessel. We have this beautiful gift so that we can understand, love, and help others. So long as we are regularly feeling and giving full expression to our own emotions, the emotions of others won’t cause us to suffer.



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