EnREALment and the Holidays

All these wishes for others to be happy, prosperous, merry and so on during New Years…. Our intentions are pure, but what does it really all mean?

While some people are living in a perpetual Hell day in and day out and could probably use a break from it all who may need our blessings and well wishes for some contrast, I think we’d be a much saner society if we all wished one another a challenging new year instead of a happy new year. While growth can also arrive through happy moments, we might not really be able to let those moments in if we have unhealed open wounds. We don’t grow getting everything we want. Our souls generally expand more dramatically when we make our lives a bit difficult as that is when we learn the most about who we are. Challenging times breed humility, wisdom, sensitivity, strength, empathy, authenticity and love.

Look at the trials and tribulations you have been through to date? Have they not been teaching moments? Did you not learn more about yourself? Did you not learn what you want and what you don’t want? Did you not learn how to think and do things differently? Did you not learn how to treat others better? Did they not teach you more about the complexity of life? And the lesson of compassion?

Also, I don’t ask that anyone be happy. I ask that they be REAL. It is not a requirement for me to have “happy friends”. I will love you even if you’re unhappy. I will probably love you even more if you are unhappy. The most selfless gift we can give to another person is their right to be unhappy. I will respect whatever path it is you are on. I don’t want you to be anything but who you are.

So I hope everyone has a great life, but I also hope that 2018 is a year filled with teaching moments that force you to blossom and help you become liberated from limiting belief systems and oppressive cultural cliches.


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