If We Can Just Help ONE Person…

It’s so important that if we like someone, we either tell them or in some way, make it very clear we like them. There are so many people who have committed suicide and maybe most of them were lost cases, but I wonder how many lives would be saved if we just came clean and told people how important they are in our lives? What if we spoke these truths, without the obligatory confines of a holiday or unwritten cultural bourgeois? Online or real life friends? What if you just told someone you really care about, how you feel about them? Or what if you paid attention to them? Just imagine what that would do. We cannot tell if someone is depressed or suicidal as many of those people wear a mask and then poof, they’re off the map one day. And then we ride the wave of guilt of woulda coulda shouda…. I don’t know, but I don’t think ignoring those we love can be helpful. There is already enough hate and apathy (worse than hate) in the world, that being vulnerable enough to let someone know they are worth something might steal all the thunder apathy and fear bring to this planet for a while.

If you don’t like someone, it is ALSO OK to leave their life and move on without them because it’s honest. But if you DO like someone, are you making that obvious to them in some way or another?

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