What is Political Correctness and What Can We Do about Mean People?

I am extremely sensitive and even insecure and I would never want to silence anyone’s opinions even if they were attacking me. I mean, I don’t have to listen to them, right? But I think everyone should be allowed to say what they want. And if I get angry, that’s my problem and it’s great I have this problem now because I know what I need to work on, so while one part of me is fisting the air with vivid revenge fantasies, another part of me whispers “thank you”.

Political correctness means making new laws and new language for grown-ups who refuse to look after themselves at the expense of those who are empowered and really grown up as in being in control of their emotions, themselves and their lives.

It would be great if we all could be good to one another, but the world doesn’t work that way all the time. It’s tempting to want to control the external world and shut people up by putting them in cages so we don’t have to feel or be reminded of our unhealed wounds. The change we have the most real control over is ourselves through taking responsibility for our triggers and using them as a catalyst for growth — as hard as that is.

We’re all on a journey to eventually align with our soul-selves. The soul knows only love. And while being mean to others is not love, shutting them out and judging them is not love either. It only serves to create more adversity and division.

It’s OK to be angry at the unlovable, but they and their victims need love the most. Once we figure out how to love everybody (only possible by healing our own wounds of the past), I think peace can be attainable.

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