Surviving VS Thriving

I don’t want to be alive (surviving). I want to LIVE (thriving). There is a big difference between the two. Anybody can breathe air in and out of their lungs. That’s not very impressive. It’s an automated function. Nobody is ever happy surviving, existing, just getting by, breathing, or just doing the motions. Being on automatic pilot is nothing to feel grateful for. Not only that, our souls are eternal. Being alive is all we will ever know.

But to live or thrive? That takes work and it takes guts and healing and lots of blood, sweat, pain, and tears and the release of very uncomfortable emotions. It’s not easy to face our past. It can take months or years to heal. Those ready to move from a place of surviving to living take courageous sacrificial steps out of their comfort zones. There is no button to press to “just be happy”. It’s a painful bittersweet process. But the liberation at the end of the tunnel is worth it all. And then we shall Thrive.


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