The Importance of Sharing Your Story

We all have a story. To all those who have bravely shared theirs, I thank you.

I love it when people share their story. It has helped me feel less alone, has inspired me, encouraged me, gave me hope, and helped to validate what I was going through and still am going through. I now know I am not alone. I know there is nothing wrong with me because so many are going through the same things. Thanks to the generosity of others who have bravely come out and told their tale, I now know we are all on this journey together.

And how could it be any other way? Are there people out there that still believe in the myth of separation?

I have spent my whole life, at no fault of my own of course, focused on myself. That was my pain. My pain drew me inward so that my healing could take place. Now that I am slowly but surely coming out the other end, I want to help others too. I love that I can care a bit now! It’s no longer all about me. Paying it forward is the very least I can do and I enjoy doing it.

While we are all unique from one another and all cast a special spark, we are never alone. Divinity, the bees, the trees, the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain, ….we are all One Giant Family. Due to the nature of our inherent connection, there is really nothing we experience as our own. Your pain is mine and my pain is yours.

We are all in this together.

The number one reason people harm themselves or harm others is because they feel alone in their pain. I have been there and I refuse to sit there and watch people suffer if I know there is something I can do to keep someone live just another day. If there is something I can give of myself to help others feel less trapped and less alone, I’m going to do it.

Some people have normalized ‘being alone’. They might be afraid to see it any other way because for them to grasp our deep collective connection would be terrifying as it would probably bring up whatever pain from their past that made them believe they deserve to be alone. This is very sad. But some really do feel this way and it is much more safe and comfortable for them to be in this place. Love, intimacy and connection are much too painful for those who have shut down and shut off from the world in order to survive. Well, we can’t be there for everyone. Stories don’t help those people. They just get angrier as it reminds them too much of their own pain due to the contrast love provides. Probably most people don’t want connection or help and that is OK. Some of us carry around so much unresolved baggage that it is death for us to be vulnerable enough to reach out. But for those who CAN reach out, for those who can say “me too”, there are so many people out there who DO want to help and I admire them.

In a world where so many of us are self-focused, desensitized, have given up, have shut down and have become hardened and bitter, if someone is going to help someone else, I’m not going to shame or shun them. In a world where we are all being conditioned from birth to be disconnected, the most rebellious act against the establishment involves our own healing and extending the empathy we gain as a result of our healing to others.

Please continue courageously sharing your stories. Secretly, there may be lots of others out there also whispering “thank you.


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