Removing the Mask

Positivity and smiling are great if they are authentic and a consequence born out of realizing the self as a result of healing our past wounds. When we come out the other end of doing the hard emotional gut-wrenching self-work, positivity is no longer forced; it’s a natural  byproduct of genuine cathartic release.

Often, however, positivity is used as a bandaid to keep our pain suppressed and sometimes we need inorganic positivity as any negativity may remind us of our open wounds that we aren’t ready to face yet. We all survived our pasts in unique ways. I have and still use my mind to dissociate and food to suppress because I cannot handle too much coming up at once. Nobody can.

Eventually, we will have to let ourselves bleed when we are ready to let go. When we are ready for the healing journey, faux positivity or any other kind of escapist remedy is replaced with authenticity. You will notice that you just can’t wear the mask like you used to. You can’t fake smiles anymore or pretend to be someone you’re not. You can no longer keep around the same friends as we outgrow the superficial and all that which is no longer real. Being real helps bring up the feelings and allows us to wiggle our facades off a little at a time.

Being true to who we are is the key to growth and genuine healing.

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