The Holiness of Paradox

As our souls expand, we might peacefully hold two opposing views in our minds at once. For example, you can hold a view that life is hard and how this planet is hell all the while having a knowing that everything has purpose, everything is perfect and going as it should be. See how those views contradict one another? Yet, they may be existing in one’s mind in complete logical harmony. That’s natural since Earthly duality is harmonious and all opposites are only two sides of the same coin.

Often our views represent sides.

When we pick a side or choose one thought over its opposite,  we might attract, out of necessity, those situations or people in our lives that mirror the other aspect because the soul loves connection as opposed to separation. Another example of this is that I see a trauma in my childhood as being the worst thing that could ever happen to a person while also knowing that it was a spiritual experience and what I needed to cultivate and express some virtues I couldn’t have without that experience. So, there’s the harmonious duality of my two contradicting feelings about a past event. And both are true. And both are divinely connected as One thought.

We get to a point where we’re no longer enslaved to limited and old thought-patterns that hinder other possibilities; no longer are we bound to one view. The counter perspective becomes available to us or rather all possibilities without attachment to one. It could be the right and left hemisphere (inner masculine and feminine energies) of the brain are beginning to talk with one another and are becoming more balanced. Afterall, every single aspect of Earth and its lifeforms are all subject to the melodious yin-yang balance. One cannot survive alone. There is no separation anywhere since the only existence is Source and we, including all life forms, thoughts, feelings, and experiences are individuated extensions of that Source. All One.


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