Opinon Costume Party

I was just thinking every point of view is like an outfit. Just like we have all these clothes to wear and how it’s so much fun to try on different clothes and wear them for a day or a period of time in our lives, I find the same with opinions. Maybe people aren’t so bad for their opinions as they are just an outfit. We come here to be Human and to have experiences that are exclusively human and part of what might add to the fullness and adventure of life could be experimenting with different beliefs until we get to a place of Knowing.

I find it so much fun to try on different beliefs! It happens organically. It reminds me of kids at a costume party trying on different identities. It is especially fun at Halloween. We can be anyone we want. I mean, what kid doesn’t like playing with costumes? Or playing with makeup? Or even playing roles in a play? The more roles we, as adults, play in the physical realm, the more we might learn about ourselves and other people which facilitates empathy. For example, politically I have gone from being apathetic, to being a liberal, to then being a third-party cheerleader (independent) then to being a centrist, to then becoming a centrist who sympathized with conservatives, to then becoming a libertarian to then becoming apolitical. At this point, I am learning how to empathize with the varieties of political belief systems. I move as I am informed and the more I  listen to my intuition, read, ask questions, extrapolate and imagine, if I get deeper insights, I update my views.

Eventually Knowing replaces belief, but we cannot know anything until we have first believed in something only to experience the disillusionment and disappointment belief brings on.

I say, just have fun with the rainbow of opinion-hats! Maybe tomorrow you will have an updated belief about something! Our expansion is contingent upon how emotionally detached we are to beliefs. It’s not that big of a deal if we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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