Sun Signs and Energy

“Not all [insert sign] are like that”, we might often say as a result of superficial generalizations and it is rather disquieting….

Generalizing is bad and forgets the complexity of one’s individual chart. Houses, Planetary relationships, natal moon phase and transits are all important. But, for those who are sensitive to energy and for those who really understand astrology, you will notice that each sign does have its own unique energy.

While a chart needs to be read in a synchronized holistic manner, every sign or aspect STILL has it’s own stand-alone energy. Let me give an example. With people who have pronounced Cancerian-Moon-dominated energy in their natal charts, my energy will detect that energy and react to it on an energetic level. Normally, Cancerians reject me or I reject them. It happens as a force of nature. It’s not anything Cancerians or I can control. Now, if a Cancerian has other planets in their chart that take precedence over the Moon, then that energy might be less noticeable for me. I do not have a problem with Cancerian energy because Cancer is bad. I have a problem with it due to energy coming from my own unresolved problems.

I also tend to have difficulties with those who have specific and clear, undistracted aspects with the Sun and Pluto. Also Taureans have a problem with the superficial aspect of my Gemini AC and we tend to clash. Again, energy is in conflict with other energy.

We all have these experiences if we are honest with ourselves. Keep in mind of what might have gotten us interested in Astrology in the first place… Sun Signs! Some of us may have said, hey, there’s something to this! And there is. Sun Signs, whether we like it or not, still have their own spark of energy and sensitive people will pick up on it and energetically respond to it either consciously or unconsciously.

Energy is always communicating with energy and is always in a perpetual state of exchange.

We see this with the planets themselves. Even the planets have challenging relationships with each other — not just us humans that carry the planet’s energies. As above so below. The planets have difficulties with one another and so will we until we until we heal our open wounds of the past.

And lastly, we are not our signs nor are we even our wholistically interpreted natal charts. Our charts are much like a college syllabus. I intuit that they represent our soul agreements and assignments and possibilities for the current lifetime and the roles we play for ourselves and others so that we may evolve into who we REALLY are on the soul-level. Our goals are to transcend our charts. I don’t think we are meant to identify with them long-term.

So, if someone starts talking about sun signs, it might not be a good idea to automatically assume they are astrologically-challenged or stupid. Some people, like myself, can pick up on a sun’s energy or an ascendant’s energy or moon’s energy and so on. My Virgo Sun energy is extremely affected by other planetary energies and while I’m not a typical Virgo at all, I see my Virgo Sun energy being pretty obvious.


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