The Law of Attraction — An Alternative Perspective

The Law of Attraction is real in that we attract those people and situations our soul knows we need in order to realize ourselves. We are in contact with our soul all the time and some of what happens, we agreed to beforehand during our pre-birth planning with our soul group. So, for example, if we dislike people who are narcissistic, we may occasionally attract narcissists in our lives. We attract who we judge until we stop judging who we attract. We need those whom we judge in our lives as they have something to teach us about ourselves.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.” ~Carl Jung

Someone might think everyone is out to get their money or rip them off and see the whole world as a bunch of greedy selfish people when in reality that might not be so. What is going on here is that person is not seeing the world so much as it is but rather intelligently manifesting their own reality to create these opportune triggers for their own growth. And we will attract the same kinds of people and experiences over and over again into our reality until we learn the lesson they’re here to teach us about ourselves. If we don’t like “negative” people, the more likely we are to attract them. Since we’re all connected, often we are mirrors to one another. So, what we see in someone else might be a reflection to what we might be harboring inside ourselves, unconsciously.

Truth is, we don’t see reality as it is, we see it through the filter of our unhealed wounds from the past and the only way to move past them is to recreate the past in our present day lives. The present only exists to give us another opportunity to heal. And only when we heal fully do we see reality objectively. And no longer do we need to attract lessons into our life. “Negative” events may happen, yes, but we might have a welcoming view as opposed to trying to avoid adversity like we used to in the past.

What kind of people annoy you? And what do you think they are trying to teach you about yourself?

What kind of situations do you fear? And what do you think they are trying to teach you about yourself?

Shadow work and giving full expression to our feelings may help us get to know our shadow side (unconscious self) better. This below list was created by Bernhard Guenther as a means to get to really know our inner child or the unconscious parts of ourselves.

– What do I least want others to know about me?
– What do I tend to have a disproportionate reaction to?
– What am I offended by?
– What person (someone I know or public personas) keeps triggering me?
– What qualities of mine do I often feel aversion toward?
– Which emotions do I consider to be bad or negative?
– Which emotions am I the least comfortable expressing?
– What am I most scared to openly express or share in a relationship?
– What information or topic am I uncomfortable looking into?

Answering the above questions in our journals might give us more insight into ourselves and insight as to WHY we attract what we attract into our lives. I particularily found answering these to be healing and sobering.

Some say we create our  own reality and those who say it might  trying to control others. We usually don’t say that from a place of love, but rather a place of resistance.  The truth is we do create some of what is in front of us and it’s not done out of a punishing God or Universe, but from a loving place that we have consented to with our soul and soul family in order to someday realize who we really are.

Those who have a tough life are braves souls who might have planned these events prior to incarnating through soul agreements; they come here to grow. Instead of looking down on them, they really need an applause.

There is no right or wrong way to do our path. We can be either in alignment or out of alignment. If we are in alignment, that’s great. If we are out of alignment, that’s great too as we are that much closer to becoming aligned.

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