Does the Universe Punish Us if We’re ‘Bad’?

The Law of Attraction may not be represented the way it really is, I wonder. My husband and I had been talking about this a while back after watching the first few minutes of a Teal Swan video. They say likes are supposed to attract likes and dislikes are supposed to attract dislikes. Between my husband and I, our likes have attracted dislikes; our dislikes have attracted likes. Our worries and fears have not attracted more of the same. In fact things that we have worried or focused about have turned out happy endings and things that we didn’t even think about have brought on unpleasant surprises.

Some spiritual leaders say that our fears alone will create just what it is we are fearing. What about those who get on a plane and fear a plane crash the whole time they’re on the plane? Let’s say that their fear brought on the crash (as how the Law of Attraction is supposed to work). Well, that means our fear would take precedence over the soul contracts of say 200 other passengers? How can that be? We, in this physical human form, might not be so powerful that our anxieties can trump the free will and life purpose of another person.

Worry and fear are natural and beautiful aspects of being human. We don’t discuss our worries and fears with each other since it is taboo in our culture. But if we did talk with each other about that which we fear, we might all be closer and less fearful. Talking about our fears might help us to face them and what we face dissolves eventually. I like those parts of myself that are scared and vulnerable sometimes. Even those parts that worry and fear. They are like other people inside me and they deserve my love and acceptance. They are a call to look at my shadow. They are a call to pay attention and listen, sometimes a call to take action. If it weren’t for my human worries, how would I know myself? Why would I want to shun and hush them away? And why would I want to encourage others to self-flagellate as well? I have had to distance myself from those who (even though with good intentions) tell others to shame parts of themselves. It makes me so sad. So, I try to find a tribe of people who encourage real self-love.

There is a principle of attraction, but I think it works in such a way that we attract intelligently and lovingly what our soul needs to remember who we really are — as opposed to being punished for feeling the wrong emotions and being human. There are no punishing cosmic arbiters. The idea of punishment is a man-made construct to strip people of their free will using fear to get others to do what they want.


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