The Inclusivity of Divine Guidance

For those who don’t know, downloads are energetic blocks of information sent from Spirit or ETs to individuals on Earth for the purpose of growth or for the purpose of disseminating information to the masses to help large groups of people with their spiritual journey.

There are some who think they are exclusive to getting downloads from higher dimensions, but I’d rather think we all do. There are no special humans here. We are all being divinely guided even if it is our own soul guiding us. No one is on their own. Everyone can get the answers they need IF they are ready for them.

I also recommend taking other people’s downloads with a HUGE grain of salt and that is because when we are given information from Spirit, it is filtered through our human perception. We are all getting accurate information (unless it’s given to use from unscrupulous entities), but the filter in which we digest that information could distort the information we are getting. The more aligned we are with our souls, the more objectively we will receive information. If we have unresolved wounds in our past, it is very likely that we will misunderstand the messages we are receiving. And then we might tell others and misinformation is then spread widely. Even if you’re tripping on active plants, fasting or exclusively eating raw fruit, it’s all the same. We receive all of this information subjectively.

I am now more careful to tell people that how I view the world is entirely MY perception. It’s great to have a lot of confidence in oneself, but to be humbly aware that it might not be universal truth.

Question Everything you hear.

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