Feeding the Critics While Starving Myself

Everytime I'm writing, I hear the voices ​of those I perceive to be critics of mine. They are doing nothing but complaining about my opinions, my personality, or my writing style. "Add this, get rid of that.... You sound like a...." My ego wants to please everybody since I don't deal with rejection very well,... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Words

It's easy to misunderstand someone as our perception might be limited to ​the ​ understanding​ we have​ of ourselves. But it doesn't end there. Also, ​too much left-brain and not enough right-brain action might be responsible: "THE PROBLEM WITH WORDS The right-hemisphere mode of function, as we have noted, has a greater facility in working... Continue Reading →

The Struggle to Actualize Dreams

....And overcoming the inner and outer Debbie Downers of the world..... There will be people who will try and stop your light, people who will be unconsciously jealous and people who will label and misunderstand your passion for a pathology. Don't give them that power, let them go and do what you want anyway. I... Continue Reading →

What is Culture?

What is culture other than a bunch of man-made rules that dictate how one should behave and live? Much of it is made up. Culture crushes individuality so that when someone is authentic and living to the beat of their own drum, they are marginalized. The greatest minority? Well that might be individuals. Individuals are... Continue Reading →

My Opinion on Femininity

Society has rules for each sex, but they have all been made up over the last century. How much weight do we give these arbitrarily made rules? There are specific differences, but are those differences what we've been told they are? Do we ever question them? Contrary to antiquated popular belief, being feminine might not... Continue Reading →

My Infinite Rock Collection

I have been collecting rocks for almost two years now. They bring me so much company and joy.  As you look through the individual photos, some of the rocks that have holes in them that I found outside, have small pieces of what I believe to be crystal quartz on the inside. I found many... Continue Reading →

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