My Opinion on Femininity

Society has rules for each sex, but they have all been made up over the last century. How much weight do we give these arbitrarily made rules? There are specific differences, but are those differences what we’ve been told they are? Do we ever question them?

Contrary to antiquated popular belief, being feminine might not about being pretty, cute, blemish-free, colorful, shiny, hairless, people pleasing, demure, shy and smiling all the time out of peer-pressure. While being pretty and flawless is wonderful, it has nothing to do with femininity.

It’s probably not about holding in a sneeze or holding in or on to anything at all. Being a woman might not about sporting pretenses of any kinds or committing to any arbitrarily man-made roles. Being feminine is not about what we look like. For me, it is  about the ability to nurture and have compassion. I wonder if this is what being a woman could really be about. While men can do the same and it’s lovely when they do, this is how I see  femininity being  manifested.


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