Are They Telling You What To Do?

I​f we feel pressured into doing something because we feel we are being told to by either an individual or a corporation, by doing the exact opposite in rebellion only gives them more power at the expense of our own. The way to feel actual power is by following your heart instead of pretend-power that says childishly “Well, you’re not gonna tell ME what to do. Ha! I’ll just do the opposite!”

When was the last time you felt this way and why?

Feeling pressure to do something can make us so angry that we no longer know what we want anymore. We might no longer know which act is being true to ourselves. Anger clouds who we are. So acting the anger out might lead us to do the opposite of what we PERCEIVE we are being pressured to do whether that is what we REALLY want to do or not. So, we are trying to feel powerful while giving our power away. A perfect paradox.

“You want something from me? Good. Now, I will go out of my way to not give it to you.”

Sound familiar?

Nobody likes to feel manipulated. Our past might have the answers and they might be different for everyone. Perhaps as children we were manipulated into doing lots of things we never wanted to do and our personal power was robbed from us. The bitterness could still be with us today and until we resolve yesterday, we remain victims and continue being controlled by the past Today. The answers to who we are and our behavioral patterns are most often found in the past and the past is rarely in the past. It continues to control us behind the scenes until we die if we allow it.

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