My Health: From Rags to Riches

Disclaimer: This is a story of personal experience. Please do not use my experiences to take the place of professional advice from a medical doctor. If you are ill, before attempting to use natural cures to heal, please talk to your doctor first. Please stay on your medication. Weaning off medication, fasting, and dieting should only be done under the supervision of a medical doctor. Please take responsibility for your own health and choices. Thank you. 

My name is Karen. I am 50 years old, and this is my rags to ‘becoming rich’ story about how I have walked my path and how I have learned I am the author of my own life.

I was ill, up and down, between the years of 2001 and 2014. I wasn’t able to leave my house often because I had a lot of trouble walking. In 2006, they found pre-cancerous cells in my uterus and I needed a D & C. In 2007, I had pituitary brain surgery with a diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease. In 2008, I had my gallbladder removed. In 2009, I had an emergency anal surgery (due to a perirectal abscess) and sepsis. The doctor said without surgery (because of the sepsis) I would die. It had gotten pretty bad. I was in so much pain, I was taking around 12 vicodin a day and it didn’t do much for the pain. I had been screaming, wailing and crying in pain non-stop and I rarely cry from pain. I had a high fever, was vomiting and had fecal incontinence. In 2010, I had to have the same surgery again since it had come back in the form of a fistula. And once again, in 2012, I had to have anal surgery for a third time. I asked my doctor how I could stop these abscesses, but he did not know.

I had to go to see a doctor at least once or twice every two weeks. I was on so many medications I can’t even count. I used to take my meds out of a huge box with pills. Medication for physical problems and also for depression, anxiety and insomnia.

My depression had gotten so bad once, I was very close to committing suicide on a couple occassions. My husband saved my life. I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for him. I also often took drug overdoses due to not being able to handle certain triggers due to C-PTSD I’ve had all my life. Once I was on such a bad drug combined with an alcohol overdose that I couldn’t even walk to go to the bathroom. My husband had to literally drag me by the arms where I needed to go. He has been through hell with me.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I came out the other end of it all. How did I do it? Between all the surgeries and all the medication, I found conventional medicine was not working for me. I did not get better until I weaned off all of my medications and fine-tuned my diet, my lifestyle, and my beliefs. I was DESPERATE and sick of being sick.

The below are all the ailments I had and I got rid of them all on my own through alternative natural medicine i.e. a cleaner diet, daily exercise, yoga, energy therapy, distilled water to replace tap water and also emotional (cathartic release) self-work. I had to walk away from conventional medicine all together to save my life.

Diabetes (insulin and drug dependent): NUKED
Reoccuring perirectal abscesses necessitating surgeries almost every year: NUKED.
Fibromyalgia: NUKED in two weeks
Chronic MRSA/Staph Infection (boils) I had for 13 years (usually around 2-6 at a time causing immobility and fevers): NUKED
Arthritis in 3 parts of my body my doctor said was irreversible: NUKED. Arthritis IS reversible!
Painful and unsatisfying bowel movements: NUKED.
Constant headaches (at one point I had been taking 18 excedrin per day): NUKED.
Chronic fatigue since my 20’s: NUKED.
Insomnia since childhood: NUKED.
Frequent rage attacks, prescription drug overdose, and the worst of depression: NUKED.
Social anxiety, suicide ideation since childhood: NUKED
Urinary incontinence since my mid 20’s: NUKED.
Hypothyroid: NUKED.
Severe heat intolerance: NUKED.

Generally, these problems were gone between mid-2013 and mid-2014. Based on my own experience, nothing was “irreversible”. I still have a problem with restless legs because I have yet to deal with some issues of my past that is causing them. After having lost 132 pounds over several years, I made a few dietary mistakes that led me into rebound and binge-eating which I am still dealing with now.

I think the biggest deal was weaning off my medications and changing my beliefs to realizing that I have more power than I had ever thought I did to change my life. It was then I had begun taking full responsibility for my own health issues instead of being the victim of them. I was definitely eating significantly less animal products at the time.

After I began doing [a particular healing modality] on May 29th of 2014, I started to straight away feel more energetic, more self-love, more intuitive, more feeling, more empathetic, and that is also when I began to know there is more to the Universe than what my lower five senses could realize and began a relationship with this Loving Energy or what some may call “Source”. Before [this particular healing modality] I had never believed there was any kind of internal or external Divine Creative Force of Nature. I used to believe that life was only a result of a cosmic faux paux and accidental chaotic randomnity. Now, I often experience this Divine Energy without and within. Also after beginning [this particular healing modality], the hell of my life that is restless legs improved DRAMATICALLY.

Then in the late summer of 2014, I began only eating once a day and my food was strictly raw fruit. No cooked or processed food. The healing improvements were rocket fuel energy, limber body and increased ability to feel. I had never felt so good on all levels in my entire life. I had been 46 and I felt like a kid again. I started looking younger. When just a year ago, I was dragging and dead inside, now I had spark and with mental and physical energy I hadn’t known what to do with as I never had this much energy that I could remember. Even as a child, it was hard to get me out of bed due to depression and lethargy. Now at 46, I was ready to conquer the world!

Intermittent fasting caused me to become more physically flexible and more spiritually in tune. But I also eventually got sick on that diet due to not eating vegetables (I was told they were taboo) and not consuming unrefined salt (was told that was taboo too). And not eating any overt fat [which was supposed to be also not recommended]. I went on a 15 day water fast in the winter of 2015 and after coming off it, like so many who who fast for too many days, who do regular enemas and who do strict raw food diets, I returned to eating animal products again. I didn’t realize it then, but I had been deficient. I had been suffering from low sodium, electrolyte imbalances from sodium and mineral deficiency, ungroundedness, loss of digestive abilities, extreme cravings, my binge-eating disorder got re-ignited, and I had been emotionally unstable for a long time. My husband and I had some of our biggest marital troubles back then and I was the hardest person in the world to get along with. What I had not known back then was the raw milk and raw eggs I had been eating every day was putting the some nutrients and sodium back into my body due to having abstained from vegetables, cooked starches and unrefined salt. Our soil is not in the same condition it used to be when we got here and so many people like myself, need to supplement with unrefined salt because plants are NOT enough. At the end of March of 2016, I no longer needed to depend on animal products to keep my sodium and electrolyte levels in tact because I had added unrefined salts (particularly Celtic Grey coarse-ground Sea Salt) into my diet for the first time. It was at that time I, notably, became grounded, more emotionally stable, my dry eye went away, and my skin became so soft and smooth.

It took me years to figure all of this out through using my own body as an experiment. I had to give my power away to online self-proclaimed “experts” before I realized my own inner voice I had been ignoring. I think we all go through that. We cannot learn our own power and sovereignty until we first make the mistake of thinking others know more about our bodies than we do. So I warn you all to try your best to discern everything you hear out there ON or OFFline, question what you hear, only trust personal experience, and finally, don’t blindly follow anyone but yourself.

I have a brand new outlook on life. I have accomplished a lot and hope to inspire others. The message is YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER.

There is hope if you have an open mind and don’t mind taking risks and don’t mind letting go of fear. I am not afraid of making mistakes, I am not afraid of being wrong, and I am not afraid of death. I have no reputation to keep up or ego to keep me locked into dietary dogma. I am more afraid of being dead while still alive. And I am getting my life back everyday as I continue my inner-work. Believe it or not, I am still streamlining my diet and still experimenting to see what works and doesn’t work. I am still on this journey and have a lot to work on; I don’t have all the answers except that I do know that this journey is so very personal. I am a work in progress. I write my improvements to give you all hope that if you dare to experiment, dare to question authority, dare to question dietary dogma, dare to question yourself and dare to let go of self-limiting beliefs, you can move mountains!

There are so many people in health groups and in actual cults online that will stroke your ego, will give you lip service, they will sound smart, they will captivate you with their looks and charm, they will quote dubious elderly mountain-top dwellers, they will sound convincing, they will tell you everything you want to hear, they will make you think they are here to “save you” and “save the world, and they will seduce you into thinking they know more about your body than you do. And most people, out of desperation to get well, will be exploited by well-intended and not so well-intended “gurus”. Been there, done that, saw the movie, wore the T-shirt.

The day you begin to realize that you are your own guru and take your power back listening to your own inner wisdom, is the day you might begin to become free.

People sometimes ask me to join this internet fad diet or some health cult. We  keep moving from one frying pan to another chasing some kind of promise or some messiah just to perhaps find out later on that we are what we have been looking for.


Update: I originally wrote this back in the Spring of 2017. Since gaining all my weight back, I also got some of my above health problems back. I have just recently started a new protocol that has taken me further than any other modality I have ever tried. I have renewed hope and this time, I’m doing it while listening to my body and employing common sense.



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