Can We Program the Cooties out of Our Water? Or our Minds? How Much Control Do We Have Over Our Lives?

This post is inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto and his water programming experiments and results.

I think he’s on to something because energy does effect energy since everything is connected. As an empath as so many of us are, this is crystal clear. We go to the mall and come back home with a headache from absorbing everyone’s toxic load. However, there is a natural remedy for that to permanently keep our vehicles from being sponges. Also, there is a remedy, which I’m about to explain here, to keep us from having to live in a constant state of fear and the irrational need for protection over energies we have been conditioned to believe are harmful.

We talk about being positive a lot, right? The most positive way of thinking might be in the realization that negative energy, thoughts, feelings and experiences are all here to teach us something about ourselves. And the highest vibration is love and acceptance of all energy, all thoughts, all feelings and all experiences instead of resisting them. Only positive people see the negative as being positive.

When I personally resist that which is negative, it’s a war. Resistance is a fight, a bloody battle, it’s non-love…it’s spiritual stagnancy and that is what is harmful. What we resist, really does persist. Surrendering to all that is, forgiving and accepting all life just the way it is — light or dark — is a state of peace. If something bad happens to you, this is not saying to accept it automatically as we need to allow our feelings and give them full expression to move to the other end of it. What I’m saying is to know in the back of our minds, the dark has a Divine purpose to teach us who we are. Even the negative feelings we feel are Divine in nature as emotions are the language of the soul.

Our experience of the world is also contingent upon our beliefs. If we believe water can be damaged by energy, then it so shall be. If we believe tarot cards can be damaged by “the wrong energy” from a client’s hands, then so shall they be. If we believe that gemstones can be damaged by a stranger’s “icky” hands, then so shall they be. If we believe other’s energy can harm us and therefore we must shield ourselves, then so shall that be necessary. If we believe that things and souls can be damaged by energy at all, then so shall they be. If we believe we are in danger without a prayer, then we certainly might be.

Everything is what we believe it to be and there, our experience in the world is shaped. I personally believe that energy is neutral and only we label it. And we can label it what we want. Mostly we label it based on our own energy. Energy only has the power WE give it. This belief de-necessitates any need to bless, shield or protect anything since everything is already perfect. All life (energy) just wants to be loved unconditionally.  Our emotions just want to be loved unconditionally. And once we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, it will be effortless to accept the outside world, outside energies and all Life as it is without asking it to change for us, without needing to protect ourselves from it.

The change we have the most power over is ourselves. No energy, no food, no water, no air, no circumstances can harm a free person. A free person is above all the rules everyone makes up. Someone who is waking up, makes up their own rules for themselves. Everything exists in the mind. We make up rules for others as we seek to resist our reality and control our external worlds. We’re always trying to control and resist what is. But true power comes when we realize the only control we have is over our own minds. If we don’t like what we see in the external world, it’s because we don’t like what is inside us. We cannot be affected by negativity if we aren’t harboring it, ourselves. Once we do the inner work, we may find our external worlds will be experienced entirely differently since the external world is but a reflection of our own inner world.

The Law of Attraction as we know it is different from how it might work in reality. WE call the shots. Whatever script you write for yourself is the life that you will live. And there is no such thing as a good or bad script. Our souls and our minds write the scripts we need for our own personal path and that is nobody else’s business. It’s our journey and only we can know what we need to attract into our lives for our own personal growth. Only the brave attract negativity into their lives, lovingly, since our inner wisdom knows that we grow — not from getting our way and living in comfort — we grow from accepting challenges into our lives. Negativity is a beautiful thing. …if you are positive.

If we can program water, we can program our own minds for a reality we don’t even ever  need to program. It’s all up to you. What is written in your script?

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