Changing Our Minds: A Weakness or a Strength?

Some of us change our minds a lot. Changing minds is considered a weakness in society, but I think it’s strength and a form of humility. How can we learn if our minds are made up? How can we become better at listening to new ideas from new people if we already know it all?

If we see life through a new lens often and if we see ourselves changing for the better, we are evolving.

While there is Universal Truth, outside of that, everything is seen through the foggy scope of our own subjective personal experiences in the world and as we mature, the scope in which we view the world has got to change along with it as we become wiser through our experiences.

The message behind those who change their mind often is to lighten up, to not take ourselves and life so seriously, and to remember that we are transient beings living in a transient Universe and if opinions are held so religiously, we can become stagnant in our evolutionary progress.

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