The Blessing That Comes From Deception

I do not enjoy people who are dishonest, but at the same time, these charlatans are a blessing in disguise because they are teaching all of us to think for ourselves. How would we ever learn to discern, question authority and think critically if all we ever heard was truth? We need to be fooled and sometimes over and over for years and years before it clicks …that we need to be discriminating readers and listeners. At least that is how I learned to think for myself. I have been fooled time and time again and while I sometimes must take a leap of faith out of necessity, I rarely automatically accept or automatically deny most of what I read and it is a liberating place to be, so I am grateful for deception in this respect.

I believe nobody thinks critically learning the easy way. In school and at home, we are conditioned to trust all authority with blind faith, so as adults, some of us turn into robots — easily programmable. We all learn how to become our own authority via the hard way, through the pain of disillusionment. So, while manipulators need to learn how to be transparent and honest, at the same time, I urge others to do whatever they can do to resist the temptation to blindly believe what they hear — no matter the authority, popularity or status of the speaker. WE, as grown-ups, are responsible for our own choices at the end of the day, and if we make the wrong choices that harm us due to having been fooled, we need to own that and chalk it off as a good lesson learned and make an effort to not repeat that mistake.

Be it diet, politics, medicine, health, spirituality, religion, current events, history…..Think for yourselves. Truth only comes from Personal Experience and your own innate inner guidance. We are all born with bullshit detectors. Learn to trust yourself. Everything else is noise since anybody with a mouth can say anything!


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