How I believe each astrological sign contributes to our growth

This is on how each sign is a student and a teacher and how we are all catalysts to each other’s evolution. It might help us appreciate the fact that all signs are here to HELP, not hurt. There is no such thing as a “bad” placement. There are light and dark sides of each sign, higher and lower expressions of them, but no negative signs….

Aries people might be here to teach us to speak up, to lead, to act, to not waste time, to blaze the trail… You can’t think it happen, you have to MAKE it happen. Just DO it. And do it alone if your act out is to always ask others for help.

Tauruses might be here to teach us to enjoy the material world (we’re having a human experience, after all), to be consistent, to be down to earth, patient, to be dependable, to take it slow, to be grounded and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Geminis might be here to teach us the importance of communication and how it saves friendships. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you don’t speak, they don’t know. If you don’t question, you don’t get an answer. They teach us to be curious, inquisitive, and to not be so fixed and uptight in our beliefs. They tell us that smart people change their minds often since a made-up mind never evolves. They teach us to be open to new information. That the world is too complex to have absolutes all the time. Life is a paradox and Geminis might remind us of this worldly truth. Geminis teach us how to use the mind and THINK.

Cancers might be here to teach us that the victim stage is a must in order to move into the victor stage, that crying and vulnerability IS a strength not a weakness, and how to nurture and protect those they love. Cancers can only nurture because they have been there and they get it. They understand what being human is all about and don’t take it for granted. They teach us the humility in asking for help and how to give back as well.

Leos might be here to teach us self-love. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Show it. Rock it. Believe in yourself because you ARE Great and Special. Take the center stage and show everyone else how to do it too. In a world where most of us feel small, timid, mousey, scared of our own shadow or inadequate, a Leo teaches us that we are worthy and enough and to not hide it. Share your gifts with the world because we all have a unique spark. We all have greatness and your job is to find out what that is and share it with the world!

Virgos might here to teach us humility, self-reflection, acknowledgement of the shadow within, and the importance and necessity of going within. Some of the answers that we’ll ever need are inside of us and unless we take time alone will we ever have a grasp of who we are and why we are here. Virgos teach us how to enjoy our own company. Like extroversion, introversion is also an important step for our own personal growth.

Libras might be here to teach us that there is more than one side to a story and that they both might be worthy of evaluation and understanding. Libras, like Geminis teach us to let go off attachment to sides, teams, and beliefs. Libras teach us the importance of peace and balance. Libras also teach us how to care about other people’s feelings.

Scorpios might be here to teach us to not be afraid of the dark, our shadow, that the world isn’t just light but also has a meaningful and necessary dark side and to embrace and accept it. Scorpios teach us to move beyond the superficial and see beyond the mask. There’s a whole different world there. Resist the blue pill and take the red instead, says the Scorpio. While Geminis scratch the surface, Scorpions live in the depths of the world and teach us what they have found and its significance to our evolutionary growth. They teach us how important it is to find the root of the problem so it can be solved. They also teach us that until the dark is faced and embraced will we ever see the light. Scorpios are here to escort the rest of the world down the rabbit hole to help everyone to become more aware. We cannot advance if we allow fear to hold us back from seeing every aspect of humanity and the physical world. Scorpios tell us to not take things for their face value, to think critically, to penetrate the facade, to question convention, to have healthy cynicism and to call out the false and the fake.

Sagittarians might be here to teach us to get a life. They say life is too precious to be so serious. Get up, lighten up, get outside, take risks, let your hair down, dance, laugh, be silly, and most importantly they remind us that we were born wild. Our conditioning has de-spirited and domesticated us and Sagittarians are here to inspire us to move out of our comfort zones and be WILD again. One thing about children is that they are honest and Sagittarians still hold the honest open spirit of a child and inspire us to do the same.

Capricorns might be here to teach us that in a world of inflated egos, unchecked superstitions, and snakeoil salespeople, to be more grounded, realistic, down to earth, logical, practical, financially responsible and humble. They are here to encourage extreme behaviors and beliefs to return to reality again. Capricorns remind us of the importance of skepticism. They teach us to not take things too far and to not lose sight of our purpose which is to have a physical experience in the body and to have experiences that are uniquely human.

Aquarians might be here to remind us to think for ourselves, to challenge mainstream social attitudes, to be open-minded, to be individuals, to question authority, and most importantly that there is no greater freedom than to be true to yourself not giving a hoot or a hollar what others think. Aquarians blaze the path and set new precedents for the world to be inspired by. Stop the broken record and begin dancing to a new song. Think differently, says the Aquarian.

Pisces might be here to teach us that we are more than our physical bodies and that there is more to the world than what we can see using our lower 5 senses. They are here to teach empathy, the importance of non-judgmentalism, imagination, support, intuition, emotion, art and creativity.

To reiterate, we all have gifts to share and when we share them, we help and inspire others. We all have each sign in our birth chart so we even have parts of ourselves that share their wisdom to the other parts so that we may become whole, balanced and so that we may move forward in our journeys to learn who we are.

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