Do We Need to Shield Ourselves from Negative Energy?

How to survive if you are sensitive to other people’s energies. 

If we are sensitive to negative people or their emotions and energies, it is probably because they are reflecting back the repressed unconscious negative energy within us. Nobody can make us feel anything that we are not harboring ourselves. We might not know who we are outside our dealings with others. Those who fear to see themselves, might see themselves in others. Healing our own repressed wounds of the past and releasing all those toxic disease-causing bottled up emotions might free the most sensitive empaths from absorbing the energy of others in a damaging way. So, in other words, I think we often are mirroring each other’s shadow due to the fact that we are all connected. I believe everything we experience is here to help us — not hurt us. If we feel badly around certain people, we are essentially learning about ourselves from the unconscious-end which is the part of ourselves we are probably often ashamed of.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” — Carl Jung

Being an energetically sensitive person might be teaching us two things: 1) To know ourselves and 2) To help others know themselves.

As clairempaths, we will feel other’s emotions from our own vessel. We might have this beautiful gift so that we can understand, love, forgive and help others, but we cannot help others if we have yet to face ourselves. We cannot understand the rage in others unless we, in a safe place, have expressed our own rage. We cannot empathize with one’s shame unless we have felt our own. We cannot accept someone’s feelings of sadness, despair and terror unless we have learned to accept and understand our own. We cannot accept why someone would feel so hopeless and depressed unless we have embraced those feelings within ourselves. We cannot forgive others for their humanness unless we have first forgiven ourselves.

So long as we are regularly facing ourselves and giving full expression to our own emotions, we might be able to acknowledge the emotions of others all the while NOT being affected by them. There is a big difference between feeling smothered by one’s emotions and acknowledging them. The unhealed souls might be overwhelmed and the souls who are healing or healed should be lovingly acknowledging. We need to do our inner work so that we can move from a place of feeling powerlessness and blame to  feeling powerful and holding our own so we can use our empath abilities in positive ways i.e. helping, supporting and loving others. The idea we need to shield ourselves from the external world comes from a place of resistance, perceived powerlessness, learned helplessness and fear. Shields might keep us stagnant. We are, however, freed by our surrender and willingness to let go of control and just ALLOW Life. Allow yourself. Allow others. Allow feelings. Allow the Divine Dark. That is what, I think,  being alive is all about.

Emotion is energy in motion hence the word (E)motion. When we suppress and resist, the flow of life stops. We get stuck. Giving full expression to our feelings might be uncomfortable, but it frees us from all internal prisons.

In short, the kinds of people we attract into our space are unlikely an accident. We attract what we need into our lives so we can learn who WE are. We are responsible for our own feelings and when we allow those feelings and feel them, we do not need a shield to protect ourselves from negative energy. We do not need to protect ourselves from anything. Don’t let all those “spiritual leaders” take your power away like that.  I have found most of them give disempowering advice. They exploit our blind trust in authority and desperateness to be well with advice that keeps us in victimhood. We are truly in control of our own lives if we let it. Many of us are afraid of our own power and pop-spirituality could keep us, unwittingly, in that lower fear vibration. We feel powerless and look to authority outside ourselves when in reality? The only authority is within.

The outside world is but a mirror of what we have on the inside and when we face ourselves, our experience of the outside world can change.

“Maybe the only thing each of us can see is our own shadow. Carl Jung called this his shadow work. He said we never see others. Instead we see only aspects of ourselves that fall over them. Shadows. Projections. Our associations.” –Chuck Palahniuk

Image credits to Mark Evans

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