Could Beliefs Act as a Form of Emotional Anesthesia?

We all have beliefs. But for some of us and in some cases, beliefs and superstitions are clung to as a means of feeling comfort in the world. There’s nothing wrong with that. What person wouldn’t want to look for comfort in this crazy world? I eat comfort food for my comfort. Beliefs are one of the various ways in which we might escape from Life. We might face life with Knowledge and escape it with Beliefs. A great example of superstition is if someone told you that if you look up at the sun with your left eye closed and ate an unripe banana afterward, you will get great abs. Superstitions and rituals can be romantic. They might give us hope that our suffering will end. They might keep us distracted from our own power that we might be afraid of. It might be something different for everybody.

I can make myself famous and once I draw an audience into my web, I can start making anything up that I want and well-intended gullible people will believe me. If I am savvy enough, I can even create my own cult with the promise that I can free your soul and end your suffering and make you beautiful and rich….

If we want to make our lives better, it’s actually much simpler than that, but harder to do is feeling our feelings. It’s really that simple. After that, things start to happen. You get yourself back. I bet most of us hope we don’t have to go the route of feeling feelings and wonder if we could SOMEHOW bypass THAT crucial step, but the truth is that if we want to be better, we have to face our own demons. We don’t need to join cults or communities that revolve around rigid dogmatic structures and give our power away. Giving full expression to our emotions enables us to naturally and effortlessly tap into our own inner wisdom. You don’t have to call on it; it’s there. The answers have always been there and the tears and rage we let out will remove the dust off our souls and the Truth of who we are might begin to reveal itself. The longer we continue to follow others, the harder it is to tap into our inner knowing. Once we make the decision to lead ourselves and become our own authority, we begin to become free. And the more humans who become sovereign, the less we might need political and religious leaders to tell us how to think, feel, live and behave.

There are Universal Truths. However, superstitions, belief systems and some new age dogma and rules are made up and based on fear. …fear of reality, fear of truth, fear of Life, fear of our own power. If you fear getting old, all you have to do now is say “hooga laga chuuga” three times before bed every night. Did you know you could make up your own superstitions? Yeah! Go make up your own. Have fun with it! They work as much, if not better, than the ones we give our power to. The world and our mind is ours. We can create and do what we want with our imagination. Whether we use our own minds or use other’s minds, in the end, we will find ourselves, in the rubble, eventually.

Superstitions and spiritual rituals to avoid made-up boogiemen might be designed to keep us from our own Power and Source Guidance. But sometimes we might need to give our power away first and experience disillusionment again and again and again before we realize that we are all we have been waiting for all our lives.

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