Challenging the Mainstream Narrative on Emotions

When we think of emotions, we are often confusing them with the resistance to them in the form of acting them out and lashing out on people in anger. Those are not emotions. That’s lashing out and blaming. They are fueled by the resistance to emotions. Rash decisions, threats, controlling behavior, manipulation and judgment is what we do when we DON’T *feel* our emotions and instead allow them to control our actions and words all the while taking it out on people that have nothing to do with the original trauma that caused these flashbacks in the first place. This is the victim trap. The victim stage is different and is necessary and most useful if we are using it to ACCESS our feelings and what is beneath them in the context of healing. The victim trap is where we live in a perpetual state of persecution with no intention to heal.

How are my feelings symbolic of past events? What is this present situation reminding me of? Is this feeling familiar? Where are you feeling this feeling in your body?

Write this all down. Feel. Be present with these feelings. Wonder. Be curious. Ask questions to yourself. The answers will come. Own that this feeling is yours.

Emotions are a fancy term for energy in motion hence the term (e)motion. This means going with the flow of the soul and the soul craves to heal and to heal we have to feel and release these emotions so that we STAY in motion. Anything else is stagnancy.

Bottom line: Emotions are a form of letting go and lashing out is a form of holding on and being trapped in the victim role. Most people promote stagnancy because they are stagnant. People who suffer, love company. Just listen to your soul and you can’t go wrong.

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