The Untruthiness and Irony of The Truth Movement

The truth movement or the resistance culture is just another thick layer of programming that we eventually need to deprogram from. The ego, while waking up, is simultaneously dipping the mind in a different shade of programming and calling itself “awake”. The truth movement is a necessary stage in the process of awakening, but contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the last stage. It is a stage where we might feel incredible loneliness that is so painful, we are compelled to lash out on those who we deem as “sleeping”.

As we move forward, however, this rage (if we give it full expression in a safe place) will eventually turn into forgiveness and a deep understanding which is probably the next stage in the process of waking up. We might begin to forgive older versions of ourselves when we didn’t know better. When we do this, it becomes easier to forgive those who aren’t as awake instead of thinking of them as either as intellectually inept, inferior or as the mortal enemy. Waking up further involves noticing the real enemy (though Matrix-based) and realizing our peers (regardless of which stage they are in – in the awakening process) are not the enemy.

People who are programmed are not inferior or thick-headed; they are programmed. Programmed people don’t come from a particular region of the world either. Our minds, regardless of where in the world you live, are spinning old programs every day. Stupidity is only a choice when we know better and that is the nature of programming: we don’t know better. It is all done subliminally without our consent and our knowledge — from womb to tomb.

Making fun of programmed people is a sign that we are still deeply sleeping. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t wake people up. This means that name-calling, harassing, divisive outbursts, and humiliating the opposition might not be the best way to wake others up. It’s a start in the process of letting go of our rage (only if we plan to feel it instead of acting it out!), perhaps, but not the best marketing tool. Lots of memes I see out there only serve to make people feel bad about themselves and this might actually keep people from waking up, ironically, as people shut down when they are triggered. 

Trust me, insults don’t work. And they are hypocritical as well because if we can be brutally honest with ourselves, we are just programmed people yelling at other programmed people. That’s the irony of it all!

Waking up isn’t about opening the mind as much as it’s about opening the heart. And we have to do all the ego-left-brain-superiority-complex-cool-guy-hipster mind stuff before we realize it’s the heart we had forgotten all this time.

Let out your anger if you need to without shame if you can do this without bringing down your peers. Being pissed off is part of the process. I still get angry at sleeping people too especially when they think there is something wrong with me. My point is that this stage is not the end of the process and that it might be healthy to realize the long road it takes to  find the heart and start acting from the heart.

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