The Inevitable Stage of the Spiritual Ego

We all grow in stages and we all step on the same rungs to get from one place in our development to the next. Each rung to the top has everyone’s footprints on it. To think you can pull people out of stages that you used to be in and force them to be where you are right now is preposterous. It’s not going to happen just like you are not going to grow any faster than your own personal pace. Because believe me, as many people who are less advanced than yourself, there are just as many who have progressed in their development way beyond where you are right now.

This journey should humble you.

Have you ever been on a road trip? Let’s take a drive from Miami to New York. To get to NY from Miami, you first need to get out of Florida, then drive through Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Philadelphia and then we reach NY, our destination. You cannot skip a state. Well, our spiritual progress works similarly except that there is no order to the steps we take from spiritual infancy to self-actualization. Here with our own journeys, we cannot skip over a step. It is not a sin to be in the Matrix. It’s not a sin to even enjoy the Matrix. It is not a sin to not know the truth because nobody knows it all. It is not a sin to believe  that some conspiracies exist. It is not a sin to believe that evil people exist. It is not a sin to question authority. It is not a sin to fear the future. It is not a sin to share what you have learned to help others. It is not a sin to trust the wrong people with your health; we all have done this. I can’t tell you what to do. I can only hope that you learn through your own personal experiences just as everyone else will. Just like you cannot tell your child not to touch the hot burner. They might touch it anyway since they need their OWN personal experience; that is how we all learn our Truths.

“The more you know, the more you don’t understand the others. The more you understand something, the less patience you have with others.” –Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers.


Also in this context, George Orwell in 1984 also spoke often of the loneliness. The more we see through deception, the more we expect others to and that can make life really difficult sometimes since we’re fighting an unwinnable war. We can get impatient with others and as a means to cope with that impatience, the loneliness and the anger, we often delude ourselves into thinking we are better-than or superior to those who are still driving through Florida while we have already made it to Georgia This is often called the Spiritual Ego. And well…….this is just yet another rung we step on in our journeys. How about that? Yes, I do think this delusion of grandeur is one of those stages we have to go through and people think we are annoying while we’re here in this stage. Our poo still stinks, though. ;)

I understand my own impatience with others and so I understand yours. Freedom begins, however, when we (and I’m speaking to myself here too) resist the temptation to rush another person along their path. I’d bet the sharpest ones are the late bloomers as once they do become who they really are, it’s permanent and profound.

Drive slowly, check out the sites, take pictures, pick an orange off a tree, rest a lot, and take your time. You might only do this dance once so embrace wherever you are at any given time. There is no rush. Ignore all the pressure out there to become enlightened in a day. Those people aren’t even enlightened themselves. ;)

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