Is Trauma Generational?

Trauma is generational in that we, with the use of our own Free Will, continue the cycle. That is the only ‘generational’ thing about it and it’s not a “curse” either. If your mother was subjected to molestation in her youth, it is not your responsibility to heal it for her. She is responsible to heal herself. We are responsibility to heal only our own wounds — not any one else’s. If you feel physical or emotional pain, it’s yours. If you have a memory? It’s yours. Our vessels aren’t tracking, through genetics, anyone else’s emotions or memories.

Our responsibility lies in not creating more victims. If we stop the cycle, then we end the so-called “generational trauma”. And that’s that. If you are triggered or if you feel an emotion surfacing and can find a safe place to express and release it, then do it. Everything you experience, get triggered by and feel is your OWN.

Once you begin taking responsibility for your own feelings and memories and commit to feeling them, you will notice that even as an empath, you are less impacted by other people’s gross and yucky feelings. Healthy people will feel other’s emotions, but are not controlled or imprisoned by them. So when we own our own feelings and feel them, emotions no longer enslave. So, the whole idea that others are making us feel things that aren’t our own is a myth. It’s a myth that keeps us disempowered, unhealed, defeatist and holds us hostage in victimhood. It keeps us blaming instead of healing. Every individual is responsible for his/her own stuff.

Pain is never a curse. It’s an experience necessary for our growth. Trauma is no accident.

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