Generational Healing, Trauma and New Age Deception

The inconvenient truth might be that we don’t heal for other people. Most of us have some degree of trauma and everyone who does, must do their OWN healing work. There are probably no cosmic short-cuts or free passes. Why would anyone even WANT someone to do their own work or someone else’s work for them? The only thing “generational” about trauma might be that you are likely to REPEAT the cycle or be a conspirator (inadvertently or otherwise) to it if you haven’t healed yourself and/or if you have yet to realize that what happened to you was wrong. Naturally when you heal yourself, you are less likely to wound or conspire (inadvertently or otherwise) to wound another. There are no “generational curses”.

While we are all connected, we are still individuals. We are all here for different reasons. Your experiences are uniquely and perfectly yours. Your traumas are yours. Your lessons from those traumas are yours. Your feelings that overwhelm you are yours. Your path is yours. The healing is yours to accomplish. You might be taught how to walk, but you learn how to fly on your own.

“In Science, we learned this the hard way that if you actually cut where a caterpillar is trying to get out of its cocoon — if you cut the cocoon away from the caterpillar, the butterfly dies because the way it actually develops is through the struggle. It is the struggle that forces the blood into the wings that develop the wings so they can actually spread them and fly. Without the struggle, they don’t become a butterfly; they just die. And that’s what happens with most people. Because most people are protected from struggle so they end up dying before they are even dead because they don’t know how to stretch their wings because they’ve never had a struggle that pushed the blood into the parts of the body in their brain and in their spirit that was required to fully develop. Sometimes we think the only way we can support people is by protecting them from pain when in reality, they need to experience the pain in order to develop.” ~Kerwin Rae


While we are all on A journey; yours is your OWN. You are here to figure all this out through your own mistakes and experiences — on your own. People do help, but you are responsible for doing ALL the work, on your own. There are no special people on spiritual food stamps, no waivers or favors, no free-loading — we all have to start in the same spiritual kindergarten and end with the same spiritual bachelors degree after so many lifetimes. No skipping steps. No carts before horses. No spiritual bypassing…..

Contrary to pop-opinion, there are no “special” people or “chosen ones” to save you so you don’t have to suffer. Just as much as joy and love is essential to growth, sitting with the discomforts and challenges life brings are as essential. New Age leaders and Christian leaders for ages have been conning people into think that there’s nothing to do, just sit back and someone’s gonna save you. That you don’t have to do anything.

Elitist titles such as lightworkers, wayshowers, starseeds, indigo, empaths…. all those give people a bloated sense of self causing people who feel inferior to others to feel superior and special. The aforementioned titles also create an us vs them mentality, a greater-than / less-than division line when there is none.

I used to be one of those people. I thought I was a lightworker and was special — more special than others. I thought I was chosen by the cosmos to heal the earth and raise the vibrations just with my own essence. I thought all I needed to do was sit on my rear end. That is the very Spiritual Ego that is often spoken about and I think we all go through that self-bloated phase.

While it is true some people ARE here as healers and while it is true there are souls who ARE more advanced due to their healing, there is probably no such thing as “lightworkers”. Real Healers are Shadow Workers. They expose both the collective shadow and the shadows in others as it’s not the Light that helps us Home; it’s the Dark that does. Additionally, Real Healers must do their own work and heal themselves. It is a VERY painful process that takes years and years if not lifetimes. It involves an involuntary return to your past, an involuntary reliving of it with the body (discharging the freeze response) and feeling the feelings from your child self: the rage, the shame, the humility, the sadness, the grief, the terror, the powerlessness, the helplessness and the hopelessness. ONLY THEN, can someone say they are a healer since true healers are healed or at least on their way there.

A perfect example of a healer is Marilyn Van Derbur Atler. An excellent example of one who has done the gruelling nose-to-the-grindstone real sincere work of healing. Read her book “Miss America by Day” and you’ll see what I mean. Being a healer is all too often whitewashed, misunderstood, romanticized and idealized when it is really really really HARD WORK. Blood, sweat and tears — hard work.

Maybe we don’t raise the vibes of others from our presence alone. If we want to raise other people’s frequencies, then we need to be real. Authenticity raises frequencies. Healing initiates this very process of being REAL — not positive or negative — just realness.

Nobody is broken and the world isn’t broken. There is a lot of pain and suffering but it has a purpose and why would you want to stop a purpose? Do you play video games on the “easy level”? How boring and unfulfilling if being here was all about riding the rainbow unicorns? While it’s important to take the world seriously for our own development, while it’s important to spread awareness and while it’s important to not do the elite’s bidding, much of what is going on in the world, past, present or future might be here to advance us to the next stage. We do not always grow when we are getting everything our way. We do not grow when someone tapes our wings on us to save us from ‘growing pains’; we grow when we develop them OURSELVES. The glory is in going from A to B and knowing you did it all on your own. When someone does some or all of it for you, that defeats the purpose of even being here. The very issues in this world you and I scoff at, well, what if our souls are attracting some these challenges and hardships as divine catalysts?

Some of us might get some help, but I am pretty sure there are no “special beings” that are coming to save us or the planet since we may all could use a challenge or some motivator to move to the next step that will take us to our Humanness.


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