What Might Be Behind The Creation of the Word “Empath”?

Did the establishment create the word “empath” to work as another form of spiritual bypass?

I used to read all the empath memes and literature and used to think I was born special as I had thought I was an empath. I grew up feeling anything but special and I needed to feel special, so I climbed aboard the empath train.  But as I get older, I am starting to question everything and starting to see patterns….and more covert forms of spiritual bypass.

Lots of empath traits can be deduced to birth chart personality structures in how we cope with the world around us. People that see right through others either have strong Pluto, Moon or Neptune dominance in their birth charts, for one. These planets rule over all the water signs. Neptune (rules over the 12 house and Pisces), the Moon (rules over the 4th house and Cancer) and Pluto (rules over the 8th house and Scorpio) are all very sensitive emotionally and energetically as well. And these birth chart aspects contribute to our interest in spirituality which is why we see so many calling themselves empaths in spiritual communities.  These birth chart influences are neither good or bad. They are coping mechanisms. Aspects in the birth chart also matter. This doesn’t mean we are born better than others or more evolved. It’s our personality based on the ways we have chosen to cope with adversity and trauma. I believe we get to choose our coping mechanisms before we incarnate here.

A lot of the empath symptoms we know of are signs of unresolved trauma. The establishment will get us to believe anything if it distracts us from facing and healing our pasts. Just think about it. If we normalize pathologies, we won’t know there is something to heal. Pop-spirituality teaches us to make normal what is really complex post traumatic stress to keep us disempowered.

—Not being able to handle crowds, feeling overwhelmed by other’s emotions, the inability to handle adversity, shutting down around inauthenticity, inability to cope with shallow people might be signs of PTSD. Healthy healed people can handle any adversity and the limitations of others. Superficiality is really the other side of hypersensitivity: both are ways in which we cope with feelings too hard to bear.

–Being able to read minds might be how we have survived growing up. For example, some of us have had to, to avoid adversity at home, read our family’s minds. It’s survival.

–Craving solitude might be a means to avoid uncomfortable feelings that come up in social gatherings and in relationships. That discomfort might be rooted in old trauma.

—We can tell the mood of a room as we have a need to feel safe if our home environment growing up was unsafe.

–Being drawn to alternative medicine might be because in past lives the allopathic model failed us.

We need to apply practicality to spirituality.

I am reading a long laundry list of empath symptoms and they all point to hypersensitivity, hyper-vigilance, excessive fear and psychic awareness. But the truth might be, we all have our own unique ways of surviving in a difficult world and our birth charts might reflect how we may have chosen to deal with the challenges.

We come here to experience everything. We will probably have lifetimes being an extrovert and lifetimes as an introvert. The more personalities we come here to embody, the more compassionate we become. The more we can learn who we really are.

Some of us might want to cling to something that makes us feel more spiritually progressed than others, but I am afraid that there is a possibility that we can use what empath is all about as another distraction to keep us from dealing with repressed trauma. It might be one of the more sophisticated forms of spiritual bypass.

Question Everything.

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