The Reason Why We Might Be So Protective of Our Food

Food is a religion since it’s often based on uncritical blind belief. Just like you don’t bad talk someone’s mother, you don’t the food they love to eat, even if it’s poison, even if it keeps them sick… They don’t see it that way. You do not down-talk any food or anyone’s addictions. People will fight to their death to defend their addictions are healthy. Since there is science that pretty much substantiates every hypothesis in every debate, they will find the science to prove what they eat is normal, natural and necessary. Case closed, move along now.

On finding compassion. Food is another coping mechanism we use to deal with stress or realities we cannot handle. Like a drug, we anesthetize with our food. Our foods also could be symbolic of good times in childhood. We remember the happy days in spite of all the sad days. Food was the one thing we might have used to forget the sad days and remember the good ones. We learned early on that food takes the emotional pain away, so our food choices sometimes can be emotional. Our food addictions are also tied to our parent’s feelings and dogmatic attachments to it. This is why we defend our choices to our death. Just like how a mother cow will try and kill anyone trying to take her baby away, we will behave with similar vigor to defend our food choices.

This behavior is rooted in the protection-mode aspect of the brain responsible for territory protection, reproduction and the fight, flight, freeze response to imminent danger. When we are in protection-mode, the part of the brain responsible for reason and logic is temporarily inhibited. We often experience being in protection-mode online when we protect and defend our choices from invaders. Most if not all of us do this. It’s what makes us humbly human.

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