​ Demystifying the emotion-body connection

I think both lifestyle and trauma both contribute to physical maladies. When we are traumatized (this includes even medical procedures and surgeries) as children, we cannot deal with that level of physical or emotional pain so we split off and detach from it to survive and the unresolved unprocessed trauma along with the associated grief is naturally stored in the body; it becomes a physical part of us. Where the trauma is stored, will be the weakest parts of our body. These are the parts of our bodies that attract pathogens and parasites since they are attracted to and exploit our weak parts. We have these weak areas in our bodies (caused by trauma) and those are the very areas that a poor diet and lifestyle exploit.

This is why when we start taking care of our health, we find relief from ailments and get a break for a while, but if we start eating against the body, we will become aware again of where our traumas are stored. And even if diet and lifestyle corrects the physical malady, the trauma and the weak links are still there and might pop up later in a different form begging, once again, for your attention.

No matter what healing protocol you are on, in order to remove those vulnerable areas of your body, you still need to do the emotional and somatic work (discharging the freeze response) to purge it from your body. This could create permanent change. We cannot get lost in the physical body. We have an emotional body too. We are emotion + body + spirit. Be mindful of all three and you should heal in a complete way.

The below article explains this well: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/candida-albicans-cancer/

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