My Own Mocha Solution

I make a MEAN mocha shake! :-D I cannot drink coffee, but these days I have been experimenting with high quality whole bean farmer’s market coffee and then making it in the cleanest way possible and then only drinking it in very minute amounts and mixing it with almond milk. I had a lot of fun making this. I made this recipe up a few weeks ago..

2 fist fulls of Whole bean farmer’s market light roast coffee (do not grind the beans)
8 cups of distilled water
2-3 cups of coconut milk powder
2-3 heaping tablespoons of coconut cream powder
2 heaping tablespoons of chocolate coconut mint powder
5 (or more) heaping tablespoons of sugarless fermented cocoa powder
2 heaping tablespoons of Himalayan unrefined whole sugar

(As far as how much to use, just play with it and figure it out yourself. I really don’t pay all that much attention to detail and measurements with the exception of the coffee and the water)

Add the 8 cups of distilled water to a pot adding two fistfuls of the WHOLE coffee beans. Put this on medium heat while you do something else for a while. Maybe an hour or two? It should be boiling a little bit by the time you get back. But you will see that the water didn’t evaporate because you didn’t have the burner on high. Next, add all the above powders and then you can turn the burner down to low heat and mix the powders around and then let that sit for 30 or so minutes more or less. Do frequent taste tests. You probably don’t even need to wait that long — just long enough that the powders have all melted into it (though it is impossible that they meld completely with the coffee). Stir a lot. Turn the heat off. Let it cool.

Into a high power blender (i.e. 1300 watts) add 1/4th  cup (4 tablespoons) of the mocha solution. Then 1.5 cups of almond milk (or whatever kind of milk you like?) I prefer mine gently sweetened. Next add a VERY VERY heaping tablespoon of the fermented cocoa powder. Then add 9 regular sized ice cubes (the kind made in traditional ice cube trays). Use the “frozen drink/smoothie” option on your blender for 30 seconds. Take a taste test. Pour and drink and enjoy.

Protip: ;) You can always keep two or more mason jars of the mocha concoction in your fridge and anytime you want to make a mocha smoothie, just stir it up and add it to the other ingredients. It should last a long time.

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