Taking Things Personally

Just like anyone else, I sometimes take it personally when someone takes something personally. But is it something to shame others for? Should we shame ourselves over it? I have been writing on this topic for some time and I have been thinking that maybe we are not making mistakes by taking things personally. I think, by design, we might take things personally. Why? “Taking things personally” is only a fancy phrase that really means a trauma response. When we are triggered, we might be experiencing an emotional flashback. This means we are (unconsciously) back in the past. So, by design we personalize stuff to (unconsciously) make our emotions surface so that we can eventually express them. So, we might have to take the same issues personally thousands of times before we are able to have a cathartic insight-inducing emotional release which, if we commit to often enough, will bring us to a point where we no longer take things personally.

I take things personally when people take personally what I have said or done because of my own unresolved trauma. When we can sit back and see that we might all be in pain triggering other’s pain by  probable design, it can be a game-changer.

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