The Possible Dangers of Law of Attraction Fanaticism

I have been wondering about and questioning the LOA for years and here’s some stuff I have noticed:

Compassion is painful to feel and the LOA has the potentiality to block compassion and replace it with blaming others for their problems instead of addressing why we lack compassion for others. Compassion is very difficult to feel because it requires us to feel our own pain and so many of us don’t want to do that. In this case, the LOA comes in handy.

The LOA does not work with me or anyone that I know in real life. I have found that people will believe (not experience) in the LOA until real painful stuff happens in their lives. Then they become humble really fast and realize the way the LOA is interpreted in pop-culture is maladaptive, unrealistic, false and antisocial.

I would not be surprised if the LOA was originally designed  to get people to accept unacceptable realities. The LOA is convenient for those who are in powerful positions over others because it prevents victims from reacting to abusive situations….which I think is the most underappreciated form of torture.

The LOA ignores why we have pain in the first place. If people only knew that discomfort is necessary for growth, life would make so much more sense. I think the light side of life and the dark side of life are both friends and are both necessary to our human experience. Hardship also humbles us.

Also this: Why would I want to have everything I want in life? Why would I want only positive experiences? What’s to learn from that? I don’t enjoy pain just like anyone else, but a wiser part of me prefers the challenging ride that Life offers. I am who I am now because of the challenges I have gone through. I wouldn’t have it any other way in spite of how much I dislike being uncomfortable.

The LOA is victim-blaming. The real secret to healing is validation. Right now, we are a culture that protects perpetrators and condemns victims. This is a huge problem right now. And it goes unchecked way too much.

While I think our beliefs can create our realities and while self-ownership (when applicable) is necessary, our darker realities are not punishments. Pop-spirituality is too much like Christianity. It’s too much about fear, threats of punishment and punishment instead of acceptance and love. The truth might be that our souls attract what we NEED in our lives to help us not only grow but learn who we really are. When someone is going through a rough time, my goal is to work on acknowledging how brave and strong they are instead of holding on to the programs in my head that make me think they are weak or ignorant or being punished by the cosmos because “they are doing life wrong”. No no no no no…. if you are in pain, you are doing everything right and you will see this once you make it to the other side of that pain.

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