Astrology and Addressing the Skeptics

I can appreciate all the skepticism with regard to astrology. After all, we have been conditioned to believe it is either a pseudoscience or that we are our sun signs or we have been taught the tropical/placidus western model. When it comes to Astrology, misinformation is common. We have too many astrology enthusiasts and astrologers themselves uncritically repeating what they hear. Not enough care about personal experience and as a result have a tendency to become dogmatic. This makes astrology even more dubious.  For the most part, a lot of discussion on astrology is going to have a lot of falsehoods, superstitions, 1-2-3 hokus pokus, lots of spiritual bypass and woo. In other words, what we have been trained to believe about astrology is not real astrology. What we have been taught is a distraction from legitimate astrology.

To begin to address the myth that our sun sign is the most important….Let me just get this out of the way: We are not our Sun signs. Where our sun was on the day we took our first breath is only a fraction of our personality. It is one of many facets. In authentic sidereal Indian astrology, the ascendant (rising sign) is your foundation identity (upon which everything else rests including house rulerships). It’s the self (personality). It’s the body as well.  The second most important aspect is where your natal moon is. That is how you respond emotionally to the world. It’s about your past, your shadow, your subconscious mind, your programming, your digestion, your mother, your soul, and about how you nurture or expect to be nurtured by others. Our Moon sign resembles our connections to others (which is based off our beginnings with our mothers). This is really important. Maybe the next in importance would be the Sun sign, but equally important is where your Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ketu, Rahu, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto (etc.) is. It’s about how these planets were lined up when we were born. Were any of these planets in retrograde? Planetary relationships are very important. It’s about which Nakshatra (degrees/decans) our planets are in. It’s about the time periods (the dosha system) that influence our lives. Professional astrologers will look at our charts and can tell you the exact time you were born and be able to know the date of the major events in your life as well as being able to  make predictions. There are special astrologers who can do this.

I went to a local astrological discussion seminar a while back and the teacher told us that Microsoft uses astrology for their marketing. There is something called “generational astrology”. The slow or outer planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto sit in the constellations for a long time affecting each generation. We can see for ourselves how one generation is different from the next. A clever businessperson or “other important people” will look at the transits before they decide which strategies to use. For example, if we are looking at a questioning/awakening generation, we need to tweak our marketing, political campaigns, or propaganda to appeal to that audience.  One cannot sell anything unless they can speak the language of their target audience.

“It is a well-known fact that J.P. Morgan’s astrologer Evangeline Adams told Morgan not to get on the Titanic. He listened, as he had the utmost respect for astrology. Another quote by Morgan is “Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer.” This is based on the fact that many people who work in the stock market use astrology. Donal Reagan, formerly Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff explains, “It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.”

~Joni Patry

I would bet that the aforementioned VIP astrologers were Vedic astrologers using the Sidereal system. If you should ever see someone for a reading, I cannot stress just how important it is to seek out a SIDEREAL astrologer trained in Indian astrology. In my personal experience, it is the most reliable. But even in that sector, there are still bad astrologers, so…. seek with that knowledge in mind.

From millennia to millennia, the wise have always used astrology as a guide. Our skies used to be so clear back then that it wasn’t hard to watch how things moved around up above us.

I use astrology for many reasons. One of the many reasons is to see the patterns of the kinds of people I attract into my life, why or why not we get along. Overall, it helps me see my relationship patterns close-up. I have recently learned that I repel people with certain placements. It helps me understand myself and others better. Recently, it has been helping me understand other’s limitations before they tell me. It helps me realize why people behave as they do. And that it isn’t all really so personal. We are all just here for different reasons and it gets confusing and astrology defogs that confusion so we can SEE our lives, our roles, our relationships, our patterns, our strengths we came to share with others and our weaknesses we came here to overcome. Our soul’s journey becomes evident.

The bottom line is that everything in the universe is energy and energy affects energy since all life is connected. And thank goodness for free will that we can even climb out of our birth charts if we wanted to or find healthy ways to cope during full moons and challenging transits. Regardless, in spite of some aspects of our lives possibly being  planned in advance by our souls (due to our free will in spirit), our (here and now physical dimension) free will is just as real once we realize how powerful we actually are. When we realize how powerful we are, that is when we can affect real change in our lives. We just all need to discover our power and that takes time and lots of healing work.

Fake newspaper horoscopes and cookbook astrology discredits and superficializes true astrology.  It is a shame. But the good news is that more and more people every day are opening their minds and realizing how astrology might play a role in our discovery of our selves and our life purpose. We can learn life isn’t so random. We learn to find depth and meaning in so many aspects of our lives. When I learned of my birth chart, I felt validated and started to understand myself and all my fragmented parts. I see each placement as a separate identity inside myself. For those of you into IFS (Internal Family System) psychology, your chart can introduce you to all the facets of yourself, so you can understand how you operate better. As a result of our healing work, all these parts should integrate and we become whole. Some believe that to be “enlightenment” or as Jeff Brown would say, “enrealment”. While giving full expression to our emotions is the most important aspect of our healing process, understanding our birth charts is another piece of the puzzle that can help us on the way.

Finally, Carl Jung used astrology to help his clients. He would ask for their birth information and he’d privately read their charts to understand them and to know the right way for treatment. See, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment out there, but when we understand one’s complex personality and life plan, habits and patterns, weaknesses and strengths, we then know how to help them. If only therapists did this in modern times, it would save a lot of work. Carl Jung thought it impossible to study people and psychology without astrology. The two are undeniably and intrinsically linked.

Knowledge is power.


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