How to know if someone is in your frequency?

Another way of knowing whether someone is “your people” is in how many times  you have to explain  yourself to them. Some people will read things into your words that do not represent what you said or meant. It’s nobody’s fault. It just means that both parties might be in different radio frequencies. Why live spending so much of your time saying, “No, what I meant was…..” and having to explain yourself over and over again to people?

We all live in our own bubbles or energetic frequency. You know how a radio works, right? We scan stations. The reception is great on some and weak in others. The weak reception is an indicator that there is no connection to be had; it’s outside your bubble.  In each bubble (frequency) , there is a different language, different value systems, different stage of recovery from trauma, different diets maybe, different lifestyles and different universal”laws” perhaps that people far from your bubble will never understand. You will scan people, some you will automatically understand because you’re both on the same wavelength and others might confuse you since you are too far away from their frequency. You wouldn’t understand their language. Often we don’t understand each other because we live in different bubbles or worlds.

I really believe that each person is in their own world.

There are no better-thans or less-thans. There are only people who live outside your world, close to it or in it. Find people you don’t need to have to explain yourself to all the time.  Find your posse. …even if you’re the only one occupying that space. You’ve got yourself and that is more important than having people around you that don’t SEE you. I am reminded of this quote by Jeff Brown:

“If there is any need that is perpetually unmet on this planet, it is the need to feel seen. To feel seen in our humanity, in our vulnerability, in our beautiful imperfection. When we are held safe in that, a key turns inside of our hearts, freeing us from isolation, transforming our inner world. If there is anything we can offer each other, it is the gift of sight. “I see you” – perhaps the most important words we can utter to another.”

Go find people who SEE you.


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