We might think others are forcing their opinions down our throats or imposing their will on us. It’s a common complaint especially on social media. But can people really force an opinion on others? Can people force us to go against our will? Even as adults?

Nobody can force an opinion. Voicing an opinion isn’t the same as forcing an opinion. Forcing an opinion is not even possible. If we feel forced, that is because we choose to feel force. We are responsible for our own feelings. The feeling that something being forced down your throat is coming from feeling powerless as you were as a child when this was really happening to you. Something (literally or virtually) was forced down your throat. You gave up your power since you had no other choice. This is common inside the human experience. The past, however, is in the past. It is not happening to you when someone vocalizes an opinion in a peaceful, friendly manner in the present. We are not kids living under the roof of our parents anymore.

We are free if we choose to be.

All information is Neutral. There is nothing to be taken personally. But we take information personally since we are still living in the past seeing the world through the lens of the unhealed child within us. Don’t let that worry you. We are human and we do this often. We can always make efforts, however, to keep our pasts in our pasts. We all probably have repressed traumas from members of authority like parents, teachers, bullies and so on. If those feelings go unresolved, we bring those traumas into our adulthood and daily life and confuse innocent opinions or offerings that are politely written with “force” since we are viewing the present through the filter of the child-mind. When we heal, we move from the subjective reactionary child-mind to the objective emotionally-detached adult-mind.

Real force is rape, murder, physical violence, torture and slavery. Force is mostly physical like how cops cuff us up and drag us into their cars. That is true force. Trauma-based mind-control is also real force. Everything else is simply perceived force. Truth is, we are the author of our own lives and nobody can make us do anything or feel anything we don’t want to. We all need to stop giving our power to other people and take responsibility for our own triggers since we are all adults here.

This is the difference between giving away our power and being sovereign.

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