New Photographs

I went to a nursery yesterday and took a lot of new photographs. If you would like to see my latest, here they are. I am not a photographer. I just love taking pictures.

No Such Thing as an Overreaction

Not if we truly understand trauma.... I admire Marilyn Van Derbur for talking about this in her book. Last summer was the worst I felt in years due to a trigger that put me into a tailspin. Someone I knew brought on an adoption-trauma emotional flashback and I haven't been the same since. There is... Continue Reading →

The Art of Brainwashing

It is not difficult to brainwash people. Our culture is authoritarian and has a high respect for people in high places such as academia.  Many of us drop our discernment at scientism, degrees, status, and impressive language. If there is something you want to prove and you want to avoid being questioned, the following is... Continue Reading →

Can the Effects of Trauma Be Passed Down?

Our culture is often suggesting to us that our experiences are not as real as we think they are. Today I want to talk about the cost of self-doubt and gaslighting each other in a perpetrator-protecting world. We definitely have genetic predispositions to physical illness, our appearance or a predisposition to how we might respond... Continue Reading →

Crying Won’t Make Anyone Perfect…

Cathartic Healing: Realistic VS Unrealistic Expectations |What happens when you start to rise from the ashes... Some might find I am on the healing path and expect me to be devoid of sin and expect me to be nice and sterile and squeaky clean since I am doing the cathartic self-work. Just the opposite is... Continue Reading →

What Intensity Might Really Imply?

I think intensity really means emotion and trauma. Very few people can handle deep emotions and traumatic material from others and this can cause great anxiety that we call "intense". We blame others, but it's really our own stuff, our own deeply repressed material, our anxiety. Because that is what "intense" really means when we... Continue Reading →

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