How Many of Us are Really Trauma Informed?

To be trauma-informed, you have to face your fears and find out the source of them. You have to get in your shadow to find out why you behave as you do. This means lots of body-centered cathartic emotional expression needs to take place. I see so many people who think they are trauma-informed, but don’t know why they are afraid of men, why they cannot sleep well, why they are fragmented, or why they cannot connect to their inner child. To be trauma-informed, you must not intellectualize, but know/feel the cause of all these fears to be able to appreciate the traumatized parts in ourselves and in others. To be trauma-informed means to understand and appreciate everyone (even if you don’t like them). You have to know what makes people tick and currently the reason we think people are compelled to behave as they do are superficial, too simplistic and repetitive. We need to find ourselves first before we become close to the truth.


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