Why Healing is Not For Everyone

I don't think it is possible for some to work on healing right now for the following reasons: 1) You have too many triggers in your current life. For real true healing to happen, one must feel supported and be in a safe environment free from more abuse. 2) You are too fragmented. There is... Continue Reading →

What is Mental Illness?

All mental illness might be -- is our unique way of coping with repressed (or unrepressed) unhealed trauma (repressed means forgotten; it's a survival mechanism). Forgotten or unforgotten childhood trauma causes physical changes in our brain, cells, our tissues, our immunity and our biochemistry in general. Trauma that is not dealt with is stored in... Continue Reading →

Objectivity is Real

Truth is 100% objective. It's perception that is subjective and individual. We are all mutated and unhealed in some fashion and so long as we have unhealed wounds, we might unconsciously continue to see the world and others through the lens of wounds (the child mind). This is why we all have unique perceptions. Our... Continue Reading →

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