Taking Off the Boogieman-colored Glasses

Do we see the world through rose-colored glasses or boogieman-colored glasses? Well, as I see it, both lenses have the potential to disempower us. We may have been lied to, betrayed, and fooled many times. And this taught us to close our hearts and minds and as a result, we trust nobody outside our family... Continue Reading →

Loneliness is Freedom

Loneliness is freedom because you're no longer bound to other people's opinions. Loneliness is freedom because you no longer play the telephone game and repeat what you hear. Loneliness is freedom as you have become your own Authority. You think for yourself and are OK being alone in how you view the world. You think... Continue Reading →

Educated VS Learned

Being educated is not impressive. It is only a sign that we can regurgitate. Anybody can repeat what they hear. We wait for our professors, gurus, the media, our parents, our clergy members, politicians, and pop-culture to tell us what to repeat, how to think, how to feel and behave. This is not intelligence. Being... Continue Reading →

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