Highly Relational Beings

I am so glad there is a "word" for people like myself. My real people are those who aren't afraid of communication. "As many of us have found out, silence can be violence when it is used in an effort to wound. It is one of the most potent ways to cause deep suffering. And... Continue Reading →

The Right-fighters Way to Win Arguments Online

How to win an argument online: ---Misrepresent your opponent's argument when you don't have an argument. ---Misrepresent your opponent when you don't have an argument. --Repeat the mainstream narrative over and over again when you don't have an argument. ---Answer a question with a question when you don't have an argument. ---Insult, shame and mock... Continue Reading →

Why I Am Here

I used to hide my writings.  Even on Facebook, I would only show my writings to a select few as I knew others wouldn't appreciate my thoughts and feelings as a lot of my views contradict mainstream social attitudes. And that's OK. My husband who is a fan of my work told me I was... Continue Reading →

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