Our Beliefs Create Our Reality

If we believe that something is negative, then it is negative. If we associate pain with "bad", then so shall it be. If we believe that tarot cards and gemstones can be destroyed by energy, then they can. If we believe that our cards are always safe, then so they shall be. For me, everything... Continue Reading →

Can We Program Ourselves?

This post is inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto and his water programming experiments and results. I think he's on to something because energy does effect energy since everything is connected. As an empath as so many of us are, this is crystal clear. We go to the mall and come back home with... Continue Reading →

The TV versus The Internet

Some of us might make a big deal about how television dumbs us down and that the internet is a safe alternative because as least we can choose what to look at and at least we can do research to learn unlike TV where we don't have many choices. And while that is true, here's... Continue Reading →

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