Why I Am Here

I used to hide my writings.  Even on Facebook, I would only show my writings to a select few as I knew others wouldn’t appreciate my thoughts and feelings as a lot of my views contradict mainstream social attitudes. And that’s OK. My husband who is a fan of my work told me I was wasting my time and that I needed real exposure, so he recommended I get my own website. I have another friend who told me that I need my own website as well and that I would attract people who would sincerely be interested in what I’d have to say, so he recommended me to come here.

I love to write and these two special people gave me the encouragement I needed to bring my work over here. I had been resistant to come here at first thinking who’d be interested in reading about ideas that don’t conform? Now, my writing is not for everyone and that’s alright. And I am not here to write for everyone. I am here to write for myself and the few who might appreciate it.

A big thank you to my dear husband and my friend for believing in me.

I have spent too much of my life wasting time and allowing others to define me. Now, it’s time for me to give full expression to who I am. And this is what I do.

Thank you for your support.

2 thoughts on “Why I Am Here

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  1. Hi Karen, I very much enjoy your writing, and your perspective and thought processes seem uncannily similar to my own, which is unusual as I rarely find this anywhere! Glad you decided to share your writing instead of hiding it away. regards, Stephen

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